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Feb. 3rd, 2009

Atypical Tweets

  • 19:15 In the pub with a million people in coats, a vodka and @richgreen01. #
  • 09:02 Waiting for the bus with the rest of South London. I think my toes have frostbite. #
  • 09:03 Buses are zooming past , already full. #
  • 18:21 On the bus again. Can't see what excuse the trains have for not running when the snow is mostly melted now. #

Nov. 4th, 2008

My NaNoWriMo progress

Oct. 31st, 2008

November madness

I thought about it last year, but it was the last month in my job and didn't seem right to be focused on anything else but the job and the book I was writing.

So this year I've no excuses apart from forgetfulness. But then I remembered about 3 weeks ago and signed up for NaNoWriMo. Felt a bit faint once I'd done it (what was I thinking, writing a novel?), but hey plenty of time to think up something to write about. So I've been thinking about my plot for at least 2 weeks now. And I spent part of day trying to outline my plot and characters and gather together the notes I've strewn about various notebooks.

That's it then. Tonight at midnight I can start. Or I would if I weren't going to be on my way back from playing D&D with friends.

Good luck to all the brave (and mad) NaNoWriMos out there, including me!

Jun. 28th, 2008

My other blog

In case anyone is reading this (highly unlikely!), I've now finally got something up at my other blog, www.atypicalgamer.com.

I've been talking about doing it for months but never seemed to find the time. But now the first post is up there and there are a few more posts scheduled to appear over the next couple of weeks.

I'd wanted to do proper affiliate program thingumajigs, so that I'll know if anyone buys it, but haven't managed to organize that yet. But I did design the header and have been fiddling a little bit with html, which is a start.

Please go and have a look!

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